Lab Members

Students are an important part of any active research lab, and I have been fortunate enough to work with many graduate, undergraduate, and high school students. You can read a little bit about students currently working in my lab and their projects below.

Current Students

Nathaneal Lee

Nathaneal Lee
Nathaneal is describing a natural endocast from a medium-sized mammal from the early Miocene site of Pampa Castillo in southern Chile. An endocast is a copy of space occupied by the brain (the cranial cavity), making it close approximation of the brain itself. One of the goals of Nathaneal’s project is to determine the species to which it pertains since it was not found alongside the skull itself or other remains that are more easily identified.
Mariana B Marina Blanco
Mariana is describing new remains of proterotheriid litopterns that were recently collected at the middle Miocene site of La Venta, Colombia. Although most of these specimens pertain to already-recognized species, they provide new information their teeth and how they compare to other species. 
Russell E Russell Engelman
PhD Student
Russell has been working with me since he was a senior at West Geauga High School. He earned his BS from CWRU in 2015 and received the prestigious Michelson-Morley prize in Biology. He earned his MS in 2018 with a thesis that resulted in three papers on extinct marsupials of South America: one on paucituberculatans (extinct relatives of shrew-opossums) from Quebrada Honda, Bolivia, and two on sparassodonts (carnivorous marsupials) from central Chile. He has published several other papers on carnivorous marsupials, and his PhD dissertation (details TBD) will likely focus on carnivorous mammals in both South America and Africa.
Bhavya Mahesh
Bhavya is describing several specimens of small octodontoid rodents from the early Miocene site of Chucal in northern Chile. Previous studies have shown that some Chucal mammal species are also present in other parts of the continent, whereas others are unique. Therefore, it will be quite interesting to compare these small rodents to those of other sites of similar age.

Past Students (alphabetical order)

  • Ellen Adams, Undergraduate (Summer 2018)
  • Cara Anderson, Undergraduate (2013-14)
  • Leah Anderson, MS Student (2004-07)
  • Kanvaly Bamba, PhD Student (2010-19)
  • Brian Barbieri, Undergraduate (2014-15)
  • Troy Bowers, Undergraduate (2020-21)
  • Marie Brosovich, High School Intern (Summer 2010)
  • Jeb Bugos, Undergraduate (2020-21)
  • Megan Burns, Undergraduate (Summer 2005)
  • Beth Carroll, MS Student (2004-07)
  • Angeline Catena, PhD Student (2013-18)
  • Jen Chick, MS Student (2007-10)
  • Tatiana Dolgushina, Undergraduate (2009-10)
  • Nicholas Drew, MS Student (2011-13)
  • Andrew Franco, Undergraduate (2010-11)
  • Susan Grana, Undergraduate  (Summer 2005)
  • Pat Guder, Undergraduate (2012, 2014)
  • Aaron Holland, Undergraduate (2019-20)
  • Tara Kelloway, MS Student (2012-14)
  • Maeve Kolk, High School Intern (Summer 2013)
  • Smruthi Maganti, Undergraduate (2017-19)
  • Andy McGrath, Undergraduate (2012-15)
  • Diane Moon, Undergraduate (2010-11)
  • Maria Murphy, High School Intern (Summer 2017)
  • Kyle Niemi, Undergraduate (Spring 2009)
  • David Parker, High School Intern (Summer 2009)
  • Niki Perez, MS Student (2012-13)
  • Alix Prybyla, High School Intern (Summer 2012)
  • Katie Prybyla, High School Intern (Summer 2013)
  • Deborah Rook, Undergraduate (Spring 2007)
  • Melissa Sameh, Undergraduate (2010-11)
  • Stephanie Sang, Undergraduate (Summer 2010, 2012)
  • Thomas Sheppard, Undergraduate (Spring 2007)
  • Joanna Sherman, High School Intern (Summer 2015)
  • Catherine Taylor, Undergraduate (2014-16)
  • Danielle Thornsberry, Undergraduate (2013-14)
  • Elizabeth Tobin, Undergraduate (2017-18)
  • Valentine VolkMS Student (2014-15)
  • Nick Whalen, Undergraduate (2018-19)