Anatomical Principles of Surgery (ANAT 510)

Students in ANAT 510 summer 2022The goal of this course is that students learn how anatomic relationships and considerations affect surgical decision-making. It meets once per week during the eight-week summer session, with most weeks focusing on a different surgical specialty. These include general, vascular, neurological, urological, orthopedic, and head and neck (otolaryngology). Students build on their pre-existing knowledge of human anatomy and learn through a combination of framing lectures and cadaveric surgical simulations directed by clinical surgical faculty. Graduate students must have taken Multimodal Human Anatomy (ANAT 401) or Gross Anatomy (ANAT 411) to enroll in this course. Medical students are eligible to take the course as an elective if there is space (it is capped at 16 students); priority is given to medical students who have taken ANAT 411 as an elective. For additional details, check out the most recent syllabus.