Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Neck (ANAT 516)


The Department of Anatomy offers two regionally-focused advanced electives in surgical anatomy for MS in Applied Anatomy students and medical students (generally those in their final year). I direct ANAT 516 (ANAT 4002M), which focuses on the head and neck and is mainly taught by clinical faculty, particularly surgeons. The primary goal of the course is to familiarize participants with surgical approaches used to treat pathological conditions of the head and neck. Through this course, students build on their understanding of basic gross anatomy to gain a better appreciation of the complex anatomy of the head and neck. Graduate Gross Anatomy (ANAT 411) is not a prerequisite but is highly recommended. Students must participate in and complete activities associated with lectures and surgical labs as well as prepare an anatomy review presentation and a final clinical presentation in order to successfully complete the course.